Gozzer Ranch Golf & Lake Club
5945 Buckrail Rd.
Harrison, ID 83833

Phone: (208) 665-6600
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John Gozzer

The Gozzer Ranch was founded by John Gozzer's parents in 1917. Symbols of the Gozzers' pioneering legacy are alive and well on the property, including some of the ranch's original buildings and the refurbished barn.

According to Vice President of Development Andy Holloran, John Gozzer was "a great icon and a symbol of and how the West was won. He represented the independent spirit of a man who ventured out West and started a new life. He lived off the land until he died."

Andy says, "Part of what we at Discovery Land Company like to do is look for projects that not only have location significance and site connections but authenticity. We embrace local history and culture."

So while John Gozzer may not be a household name in America, he most certainly is at this Discovery Land Company property.