Gozzer Ranch Golf & Lake Club

Spread across 700 acres, Gozzer Ranch provides all the comforts of the world’s finest private clubs, but with the style and relaxed pace of classic, small-town Americana. Located less than 45 minutes from Spokane, Washington.

Gozzer Lifestyle

Gozzer Ranch offers the perfect setting for living life to its fullest amid the grandeur and undisturbed beauty of the great Northwest. Whether you choose to spend these moments teaching your son or daughter to bait a hook, pampering yourself with a spa treatment, enjoying an unforgettable round of golf, or sailing in the summer breeze, these are the kinds of moments that create memories that will be cherished for generations to come.

John Gozzer

Historic Homestead

Gozzer Ranch was developed on the historic homestead of John W. Gozzer. The homestead was established in 1917 and, over the years, the close-knit Gozzer family enjoyed wonderful traditions and created lasting memories while living and working within the area’s beautiful surroundings. Symbols of the Gozzers’ pioneering legacy are alive and well on the property, including some of the ranch’s original buildings and the refurbished barn.

A Place to Call Home

Gozzer Ranch provides miles of natural streams and hiking trails, as well as numerous landscaped recreation areas. The majority of the homesites and residences enjoy spectacular lake, mountain, and golf course views. Residential options include: 267 custom homesites, 34 detached cabins, 28 homestead cottage homes, and 28 waterfront condominium lodge homes.



Proclaimed one of the five most beautiful lakes in the world by National Geographic, Lake Coeur d’Alene offers hundreds of sheltered coves and more than 109 miles of scenic shoreline, making it an ideal place for sailing, boating, fishing, waterskiing or wakeboarding.


Sherman Avenue, located on the eastern edge of the lake, features shopping, entertainment, and excellent dining options. Special events, such as wine festivals, street fairs, and car shows, are always fun and exciting for the entire family.


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